Welcome: Mad Scientists

Markets are only limited by your imagination

What is Custom?

Let’s face it, you can do a lot in the cloud, but hardware grounds you in reality. You create your perfect solution and market, and you are passionate to make it a reality. When you start working with “other” Hardware suppliers you are quickly told, NO. They don’t have the hardware to meet your need, but something close that won’t work. Don’t get me wrong, they are happy for you to pay $100,000+ in Non-recurring engineering  (NRE) expense, which would put you out of business before you started. This is silly.

M2M: Mad Scientist to Mad Scientist

Don’t, panic. We are here to help.

We want to make your dream solution a reality. If we don’t have the exact hardware you are looking for, we can definitely recommend a solution that will work for you. Accessories, Sensors, Fulfillment, Development….No problem. Let’s schedule a call today to see how we can make your dream a reality by providing our custom touch. info@suntechus.com