Asset / Trailer Tracking

  • Asset / Trailer location

  • Extended Battery

  • Fixed Asset Management

  • Trailer tracking

  • High-value Cargo Tracking

  • Heavy Equipment Tracking

Tracking methods differ according to the type of asset. In some cases, RF (Radio Frequency) technology is added to GSM technology. For assets with no power supply, our tracking devices are equipped with high-capacity internal batteries for lasting operations.

Fixed assets can be monitored and managed with our trackers, and if stolen, the recovery process is activated immediately.

Motorcycle tracking devices should be carefully designed because motorcycles are normally parked for longer periods of time and their battery capacity is smaller than that of automobiles. Motorcycles also have very limited space available for installation. Suntech develops the ideal tracking devices for motorcycles as they are compact in size to be fully hidden upon installation and ergonomically designed to consume minimal amounts of energy.