Cargo Tracking / Passenger Counting

  • Delivery status
  • Vehicle Location

  • Route Deviation

  • Temperature Monitoring

  • Cargo tracking

  • Bi-directional passenger counter

Cargos are of extreme importance to our clients and therefore we are always trying to improve our cargo tracking technology. We have tracking devices that can transmit delivery status and cargo location reports to a monitoring center (server), allowing our clients to monitor them on a real-time basis.

If you have routine cargo delivery, you may want to get notified when your truck deviates from a regular route. Our tracking devices can monitor route deviation by pre-setting a series of circular / polygonal Geo-fences. The tracking device will automatically alert its server once the vehicle deviates from those settings.

Our tracking devices can be connected to passenger counting sensors that can accurately count the number of passengers entering and exiting a vehicle. This information can be transmitted to a monitoring center (server) in real-time.

Once cargo is stolen, it is likely to be hidden inside a building or a warehouse, making it difficult to track the cargo using only GPS tracking technology. To provide our clients with more reliable technologies to track individual cargo, we are currently developing a new tracking solution based on RF (Radio Frequency) technology.