LOS ANGELES, Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —┬áSuntech International, LTD., a worldwide leader in GPS trackers and telematics headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, today announced the hiring of Robert L. Martin to lead Suntech’s U.S. business. Building on the success of its telematics products in Mexico, Brazil, and across Central and South America, Mr. Martin will take responsibility as President and CEO of Suntech U.S. to bring Suntech’s innovative leadership in this field to industry partners in the USA and Canada.

Mr. Martin previously was North American Operations Director for Octo Telematics, the leading insurance telematics service provider, where he’s worked since 2008. A former Washington D.C. lobbyist for promoting telematics and emergency communications, Mr. Martin also served as Executive Director of the national 9-1-1 emergency number (NENA) and emergency dispatch associations (NAED). He holds a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and master’s degree in professional communication. He has more than 25 years of management, coalition building, and organizational communication experience, with special emphasis in the telematics and public safety industries.

“We’re very pleased to have Mr. Martin join the Suntech International team,” said Mr. James (JC) Yang, President and CEO of Suntech International, LTD. “His experience and understanding of telematics operations makes him an excellent choice to lead Suntech U.S. We look forward to his guidance and support to establish partnerships with many more North American fleet management companies and telematics service providers, enabling them to continue to offer more reliable and innovative services to their customers.”

Since initially establishing its U.S. office two years ago in Vista, California, Suntech has been working hard on certifying and testing several products for U.S. customers which have been well received in the global marketplace, including for vehicle efficiency tracking and for Electronic Logging Device (ELD) data to report hours of service. This month Suntech is announcing three new lines of 4G/LTE M1 hardware products, the ST4300, ST4500, and ST4900 series, with excellent capabilities for use in the asset tracking, vehicle tracking, and safety and security telematics markets in the U.S. and Canada.

Suntech will be exhibiting and showcasing these products in the Korean Pavilion at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018, Los Angeles Convention Center, September 12-14, #MWCA18, INFO@suntechus.com.

About Suntech: Founded in 2001 in Seoul, South Korea, Suntech International, LTD is a leading developer, manufacturer, and global distributor of high-quality, highly customizable, and technologically advanced GPS tracking devices. First to introduce a chip-based design, Suntech continues to offer the most customizable options for hardware and firmware, enabling best-in-class support. Find more at www.suntechus.com and www.suntechint.com.

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