Suntech International Unveils USA Restructuring Plan to
Drive New Investments in Cutting-Edge Emerging Technologies

 Carlsbad, CA – October 6, 2023 – Suntech International, a leading player in the IoT hardware industry with a track record of selling over 5 million devices worldwide and recently adding 1 million new devices annually, announced today a strategic plan to accelerate its growth in the expanding Telematics and IoT markets.

As a part of this plan, Suntech is restructuring its U.S.-based division with the creation of Suntech U.S. Holdings Inc., a new parent company to enable new investments in state-of-the-art telematics hardware solutions, including A.I. and video capabilities. This move will enable Suntech’s network of platform providers more opportunities to tap into expanding and emerging markets worldwide, thanks to Suntech’s experience in developing custom hardware with integrated support and maintenance solutions.

“All our customers rely on us for feature-rich hardware solutions, and the launch of Suntech U.S. Holdings Inc. will empower them by bringing improved products to further expand their reach and take advantage of market opportunities around the globe,” stated Rob Martin, CEO of Suntech U.S. and the new Suntech U.S. Holdings company.

In addition to its focus on cutting-edge hardware solutions, Suntech U.S. Holdings Inc. will also make strategic investments in established B2C solutions within the U.S. market. The first is Find It Now (FIN®) USA, LLC, a leading Telematics player in the Power Sports channel, renowned for its asset recovery solution offered in over 500 FIN®-authorized dealerships throughout the United States.

Expressing his excitement about the partnership, Mike Conners, CEO of Find It Now (FIN®) USA, LLC, commented, “Our collaboration with Suntech has always been more than just a supplier relationship. Suntech has been our dedicated partner in driving growth and we are thrilled to be expanding our business together moving forward.”

By retaining and leveraging the expertise of the FIN® leadership team, Suntech U.S. Holdings Inc. will support the continued organic growth of FIN®, while simultaneously focusing on developing innovative new solutions to meet the evolving demands of an expanding global network of B2B partners.

With the restructuring plan in place, Suntech is poised to further accelerate its leadership in the Telematics and IoT markets, driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value for its partners and customers.


About Suntech U.S. (

Based in the epicenter of Telematics for North America, Suntech U.S. is focused on providing advanced technology for its growing number of solution providers. Established in 2017, Suntech U.S. enables turnkey mobile assets and best-in-class vehicle fleet management through its partners across the USA and Canada. Suntech U.S. prides itself on the ability to offer the best product quality, competitive pricing, quick time to market, and customizable configurations.

About Suntech International (Parent company of Suntech U.S.)

With its headquarters in South Korea and global offices worldwide, including Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States, Suntech International, Ltd. is a worldwide telematics leader. Founded in 2001 in South Korea, the company has grown steadily and is now the definitive market leader across Latin America. The company has shipped more than 5 million devices worldwide.

Suntech demonstrates high quality, with proven process engineering and manufacturing within the renowned IT sector of Seoul, using the most cost-effective and reliable technologies available. With an industry first, Suntech introduced a chip-based design for GPS tracking that allows devices to be compact, low-cost, and feature-rich solutions created to meet the specific needs of telematics service providers in the industry. For more information, visit

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 Since 2008, FIN® GPS Security has been the market leader in GPS-enabled Theft Protection and Recovery. FIN® is a Veteran owned and operated company. Please visit or call 888-811-3883 for more information.


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