Carlsbad, CA – March 4, 2024 – Suntech International, a major player in the GPS tracking hardware industry with a proven track record of selling over 8 million devices worldwide, has announced a strategic plan to accelerate its growth in the rapidly expanding Telematics, IoT, and Connected Vehicle markets.

As part of this plan, Suntech International has merged with WizardLab Co., Ltd., a well-known OE Development provider for companies such as LG Electronics and Hyundai Mobis, established in 2012 and based in South Korea.

The combined company, now known as ST SUNLAB Ltd., will be led by Mr. Youngchul Jung, CEO of WizardLab, and Mr. Jai Chang Yang, CEO of Suntech International, who will serve as co-CEOs. ST SUNLAB Ltd. aims to be a force in hardware integration and development, with a focus on innovative technologies for autonomous driving and connected vehicles.

“This merger allows us to respond to future trends in electric vehicles and connected fleet markets, delivering competitive products and services with cutting-edge technologies,” said Mr. Jai Chang Yang, President and co-CEO of ST SUNLAB Ltd.

Robert Martin, CEO of Suntech U.S., also expressed his confidence that the merger will foster continued success, stating, “For more than twenty years now the Suntech brand has grown steadily as a market leader in Telematics and IoT hardware in North and South America and continues to expand across the globe. This merger will allow our international teams to explore new technologies in line with exacting requirements of the autonomous driving and connected vehicle era.”

The merger of Suntech and WizardLab Co., Ltd. signifies the company’s commitment to furthering technological advancements across multiple industries. By leveraging the combined strengths of two industry leaders, ST SUNLAB Ltd. is poised to introduce revolutionary products and services that meet the evolving demands of the rapidly changing markets.


About Suntech U.S. (

Based in Southern California, the epicenter of Telematics for North America, Suntech U.S. provides advanced hardware technology for its growing number of Telematics solution providers. Established in 2017, Suntech U.S. enables turnkey mobile assets and best-in-class vehicle fleet management through its partners across the USA and Canada. Suntech U.S. prides itself on the ability to offer the best product quality, competitive pricing, quick time to market, and customizable configurations.


About ST SUNLAB, Ltd. (Parent company of Suntech U.S.)

ST SUNLAB, Ltd. is a developer, manufacturer, and global distributor of Telematics, IoT, and connected-vehicle solutions based in Seoul, South Korea. We pioneered the use of chip-based designs for GPS tracking in the field of telecommunications, establishing ourselves as global leaders since 2001. Currently, with the combined resources of the former Suntech International and WizardLab companies we serve customers in over 20 countries, providing a wide variety of products and excellent customer support. For more information visit